As many companies has changed to home-working system, the importance of video conferences, online meetings, mailing and distance education platforms have been clearly seen. While the hardware industry and production suffers to some extent, communication portals, mobile applications, web sites, education platforms and artificial intelligence softwares both prevent small-big companies and individuals from business loss and also serve as a precaution against virus and help protect social distancing by bringing privilege.

Mobile applications of banks, desktop and internet applications helping companies can run and follow their business, web sites as the identity of companies, e-commerce sites preventing commerce from stopping. All leads to the software path! In such a period, these components mentioned are preferred more and more to minimize business loss. Many banks are developing and updating their mobile apps and encouraging users to favour the applications at the moment. Areas producing solutions via phone calls and from afar are being extended and companies are generating their projects to secure the access of the masses by their own applications. Demands for desktop apps and web portals have increased to enable operational follow-ups. Every action providing businesses to run smoothly from the security of homes, go through the software industry now.

Opportunities offered by technology and software remain on the agenda of companies and educational industry. Taking into account the unpredictable side of this period and avoiding the outbreak by the help of these opportunities, technology becomes the best friend of establishments and individuals who do not want to come short of their business and education.Trade is run through e-commerce system now. The importance of technology and software,providing services to many areas including communication to commerce, education to companies’ business follow-ups, is once again unveiled!

As e2 software we are happy to contribute with the period by the services we provide including education portals to e-commerce sites, mobile apps or your dream app to web-sites. We meet your needs in various software areas according to the demands received by software sector with our services from business development programmes to mobile applications. You can check our services and contact us & share our blog post to social media platforms.