Due to the quick and wide spread of the virus named as Covid-19 causing many losses, emerging from China , Wuhan in December 2019, World Health Organization has announced the outbreak a pandemic. Being an important and hot topic, the outbreak, shows its effects in many countries including Turkey now. Numerous events and congresses leading to a close contact between people, like Global Marketing Summit and Mobile World Congress, have been cancelled globally after companies’ announcements about not joining. Many value-driven companies wanted to change to homeworking system and the need for technology has increased.

Companies that value their employees have taken their actions about working from home. Being one of the companies stepping inside the new door leading the new working era by centering the human health, Go Daddy has sent an interesting e-mail to its customers. Starting with the following words; “Nothing is more important than the health of our employees and customers for us. As the Covid-19 outbreak contunies to spread, I would like you to know that we are doing the best we can to support you and other independent enterprises worldwide.” the message emphasizes the importance of the employees and customers’ health while stating that phone call services and other services will not be affected. This e-mail,coming directly from and written by the CEO of Go Daddy Aman Bhutani proceeds; “You can ask all of your questions without thinking they’re irrelevant or insignificant. (however, as our support team is working from home, waiting durations can be increased, and you can hear pet our child noises from background). Call us if you need help. We are always ready to help.”

The speech both encourages customers to reach out to services or any matters needed to be performed and reveals the natural states stemming from working at home in a warm and humorous discourse. This mail concluding with the best wishes, is a clear evidence that businesses can be run and proceeded in the security of our homes.

As e2 software and consultancy services, we are here for you with our services helping you change to the new working system, from your first step to developing your business further. We are working from home within this period as well, and happy to be providing you our services at any scale including, programmes helping you to plan,develop,run your business from home, web sites, e-commerce sites and mobile development. You can check our services and contact us & share our blog post to social media platforms.